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Sim Card For Pay and Go

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I have an old pay and go phone but the sim card has been transferred into my new phone.

I would like to get a pay and go sim card for the old phone -- i would like a sim to top up just when needed -- not a £10 / £15 monthly top up.

Is it possibel to buy/get one of these sim cards -- where can i get one -- has it a name.

Thks for any help

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Hi there.


Which new phone did you get? (nothing to do with anything other than curiosity, how are you finding it?)


You are best going for one of the tariffs that let you top up "X" amount and give you a reward rather than "X" amount for "Y" amount of minutes and text etc.


Text and Web and O2 unlimited are your best choices, just top up when needed and use when needed - the range of Pay & Go deals can be found here with all relevant call charges and terms etc.


Hope you find something suitable.

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Hi thanks for the reply -- you actually replied to another thread i have about a Broken Samsung 5 weeks old -- 

It was the Samsung Ace that i bought unfortunately it only lasted 5 weeks oooops.

I still held onto my old phone thankfully as i need it now.

If and when i get the Galaxy back i will put a new sim into the old phone so as i am not left without a phone.  Heard so many horror stories about the time it takes for o2 to gets repairs done and also about the firm that carries out the repairs i was getting a little bit ott.

Thanks again for all your help.


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Hi version7point0 im having the same issue and was thinking about 'text and web' but it says 'Up to 300 UK texts, 500MB UK data and unlimited Wi-Fi when you top-up £10 a month'


So does this mean when I top up £10 i will not be deducted £10, I will still have my £10 credit with the added bonus of 300 texts and 500mb for the month.  So I wont need to top up £10 a month, but everytime I do top up £10 i will get that bonus?


The 'when you top-up £10 a month' has confused me, sorry if my question is a bit long winded.

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You keep the credit but you only need to top up if you want the texts and data each month. Otherwise you can just top up when you need to but after the first month, you will get no allowances and everytime you use the phone it will deduct from your credit.


You do need to make a chargeable call every 6 months to keep the sim active.


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Pay and Go sims can be ordered in store, online or by calling customer services.  Hope you get sorted out!

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Many thanks for the help -- called into the o2 shop today -- got new sim card for the phone paid for £10 top up -- then i top up when required or if i top up in 28 days i get a further lot of free texts.

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