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Sales advisor changed tariff!

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23/5.I was phoned by a sales advisor asking me if I wanted to renew my contract,I asked for details and was passed to a Michael Higgins retentions advisor,he offered me a phone,50mins,unlimited texts on a 12 month contract,I double checked about the length of contract and he said it was a offer because I had been with O2 for 9years.


Got my phone delivered next day and went into my O2 to check the new payment dates and discovered it had renewed at 24months!


24/5.I phoned 202 and asked them to check my account,explained what happened and was told they would email Michael and I would get a reply within 48 hours..Nothing!


26/5.I tried live chat,Hugo told me to cancel the contract,I refused and said I wanted the contract I had verbally agreed to,he said phone 202!


28/5.Got through to 'Lee',explained it all again and asked them to listen to the recorded call,he said they could and his TL 'Greg',told they would send a feedback email to Michaels team leader and would get a reply within 48 hours...nothing!


Tried phoning 202 several times over bank holiday and gave up after 30mins queuing each time


7/6.Emailed O2,got a reply.. that's a first...telling me to phone 202!


9/6.Phoned 202 again,got a 'Chris', he claims he has asked his manager to check it out and guess what?...I'll get a reply within 48 hours...nothing again.


11/6.Phoned 202 'Richard' in Liverpool tells me he can see 'Chris' has looked at my account today and I have to wait till the manager does something,because now he's involved nobody can touch it!


All I want is what I was offered and agreed to,not be lied to and passed from piller to post.

If you lasted this long,thankyou for reading,rant over.

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