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SIM not allowed!

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I own a blackberry bold 9780 and over the past few weeks my phone will say SIM not allowed at random times, I have to re-boot my phone and take the sim out for a minute in order for it to work again.

Also I have noticed text messages aren't sending as quick as they usually go, sometimes I get a message saying network congestion and have to re-send the text.

I've checked the status checker and it says service should be good for my area,although there is going to be maintenece work on the 10th (does this mean my service will go down?)


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Hi Sara,

Maintenance work can mean a number of different things, but the service checker will explain exactly how your service may be impacted on the 10th in the description of the maintenance. You can access it at anytime.

With the SIM, this is strange. Could be a faulty SIM card, which any O2 shop can change for you (find your nearest one at using your town or postcode) or the phone could use a software update.

Whilst the software update might not directly fix the issue, it could help iron out any other issues you're experiencing. The details of how to update your BlackBerry are at or an O2 Guru should be able to do this for you for free if you book an appointment at at a time and store convenient to you.

Hope this helps.
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It does help, thank you, I'll try both slight_smile

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I went to see the 02 shop and they gave me a new sim and updated the software, however a few minutes ago the SIM not allowed message came up again, could this be a network problem??

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It sounds like a firmware or hardware fault.


First off check which firmware you're currently running (Options > About > Written on third line). If that's pretty out of date then update that.


If the firmware doesn't help, it would be looking at the phone, if you can beg or borrow another Blackberry and try your sim in that, that will help identify if it's a network or handset fault.


Is the handset still under warrenty do you know?

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The firmware is pretty uptodate, also dont think trying my sim in another blackberry will be helpful as the sim not allowed message comes up at random times.
I don't think it is, as I've had it for over a year. I've posted the same question on the blackberry forum, so maybe they'll be able to help me if its the handset.
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