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SIM card

How do u change ur number
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Re: SIM card

Contact o2 customer services and they will be able to sort that out for you

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Re: SIM card

Do you mean a new number or changing the number displayed somewhere?
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Re: SIM card

@Harry1 O2 will only give you one free number change 

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Re: SIM card

@Harry1 Whatever it is you wish to do, you'll have to contact customer service.



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Re: SIM card

I've just changed mine any idea how long my signal will be down for
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Re: SIM card

@Melissa3 Did you do a sim swap? You may need to reboot your phone? Check your coverage status here



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Re: SIM card

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Re: SIM card

There are several ways of speaking to customer services.  Go to the Help page listed at the top of 02 pages


For instance you can go to a local store;  book a slot online with a local guru in store; twitter (see help page /guru), phone and my favourite is  Chat service online . My hearing is poor so receiving written answers is cool.  However you will need your

phone number,

security detail ;

state whether PAYG or Monthly payment. 

It is always wise to write clear but concise  requirement. And be patient.

This method may take a little longer in real terms but might have shorter queue than phoning.

Hope that helps

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Re: SIM card

Hi @Harry1, are you all set with you number change or do you have any additional question? slight smile

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