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Problems using credit card for O2 pay and go top up

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Since I had a new credit card I have not been able to use it to top up on my pay and go. I am getting a message that the transaction has been declined but I have spoken to the bank and they are not even receiving the request from O2 to be able to decline it, they have checked all their audit trails several times for me. I can use the card successfully for everything else and I can use other cards to top up my phone. I have checked that my address matches on both the O2 records and the bank records.
The O2 support team keep saying go back to the bank and check with them but there is nothing to check and I have repeatadly asked them to investigate further. I have been a software support manager for a banking company for years so this is totally frustrating me.
Has anyone had a similar problem and been able to resolve it?
Thanks. Elaine
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This is a brand new card?
I can think of two possibilities, both involve the transaction being declined by the card processor.
That you've fallen foul of the recent 'rules' on card usage. The card might be set to PIN and ATM only. But the card company are supposed to inform you when you receive the card.
Or if its a one of the new banks (eg Metro) or one of the new card types (eg Mastercard Debit) then it could be declined by the card processor if their list of valid banks/cards isn't up to date.
Not sure how you can work out what's happening.
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Hi - Thanks for trying to help but no this is not the problem. I have checked with the bank and there are no rules set on our card. We can use it for everything else on line, over the phone and in the stores. It is a Visa Credit card and the bank is one of the oldest banks in the UK so it cannot be that either.
The bank have also checked their audit trails which would show a decline at their end and they are not even receiving the request from O2.
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Sounds as if it has to be a system failure/error at O2, let us know if you get it to work.
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It's more likely to be a card processor problem. (That's the only way I can think of getting a decline with the bank having no knowledge)
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