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Please Sort out your service

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Numerous threads on various different sub forums complaining about your services.


your money making ways and really long winding customer services keeping calls on hold last up to an hour or more.



1. Change paragraph 21 in your agreement to the customers taking out those third party companies that you sell our details too. (it's pathetic, you make enough money as it is)

example; PPI Claims (really irritating recently) Debt Collection etc.


2. Your next annual meeting change your five year goals to.

      i) Providing Quality Service - (Not a quantitative service)

      ii) 12 month contracts for new phones (Real attractive to prospective and existing customers)

     iii) employ more people for call centers - let's  be serious im sick of hearing the same few songs over and over. (even still change the playlist) being on hold for an hour is ridiculous.


A Serious recommendation for you to buck up your ideas and actually take on feedback and not bin it.

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This is a customer forum. Your suggestions won't get much notice here.


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but this company should sort its self out, and start thinking about why people stay with them.

Apart from not getting above 18kbps !!!! download speed from my official o2 dongle, in an area where i am clearly stated as being in HSPA area !!

On going to the o2 shop they cannot offer ANY ADVICE about local masts or anything save what I can find out on the o2 coverage checker, so then i am given a telehone number to call

0844 809 0202 which, when i call it is not recognised !!!

How useful is that


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@Anonymous wrote:


0844 809 0202 which, when i call it is not recognised !!!

How useful is that


I've just tried that number and it rings out ok from a landline, it's 202 from a pay monthly mobile.


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I took out a contract with O2 over two years ago and had the Dell Streak handset which at the time was way ahead of its time specifications wise.  Unfortunately about 18 months into my 24 month contract the Streak screen got smashed.  Luckily I had taken out insurance with the contract so I called them up and was told that the Streak was no longer available and I had a choice of three phones I could have as replacements none of which came anywhere near the specification of the Streak (16gig Ram 5"screen etc).  The options were the HTC Salsa, the Galaxy Ace and a Sony phone, I chose the HTC and within an hour of turning it on and using it the problems began, the phone was useless, it started complaining about lack of memory almost instantly, so again I complained........after lots of calls they sent me out the Galaxy Ace, and whilst being a far superior phone, even this almost instantly started to complain about lack of memory and the screen size and quality were nowhere near as good.


I finally had enough and spoke to customer retentions department who offered me a choice of any handset as long as I took out another 2 year contract, but with only 6 months to go I decided to wait to see what new phones came onto the market and now I have seen one, the Galaxy Note II which comes out on 1st Oct.


O2 customer services tell me they cant do anything for me, and I have to wait until its released and then call them back, no pre-ordering no getting the phone delivered on launch day etc like there was with the IPhone.....why do we have to put up with second class service just because the products we use and prefer don't have an 'apple' badge on them???



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