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Phone unlocking

I bought my Samsung Galaxy6 from 02 on January 4th 2016. I was on pay monthly and have never had an issue but purely for consolidation and given the end of my contract (2 years) I transferred my phone account with 2 phones to BT. No problems with my wife's but my phone will not unlock and 02 keep "escalating" the matter which means a delay of a week. I am still no nearer and between the local 02 Shop and myself I am fairly sure, the phone is now unlock able. When I spoke to BT I was told that the call previous to mine  was about exactly the same problem now 20 days ago.

Has anyone any suggestions as to what I can do?


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Re: Phone unlocking

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Hoe to unlock here https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Other-Products-and-Services/Unlocking-an-O2-phone-to-use-a-different-S...
but if you've entered the wrong code too many times it will be permanently locked.

It's not clear from your post though if you have incorrect codes or not?

Have you tried your BT sim in it to see if it works?

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Re: Phone unlocking

Did you get the phone directly from O2 or through a third party such pa's CPW?if so it will probably be unlocked already. If you received a code(s) was it the same code. 

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Re: Phone unlocking

Hey @Anonymous sorry to hear you're having trouble with unlocking. Smiley Sad Please do check the above questions in case the community could advice in more detail? Smiley Happy Hope it gets sorted for you soon.

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