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Phishing or legit?

Just received this text from ‘O2-UK’: O2 Ref: Site No. RT02H045. Your security code is ****. If you're not in direct contact with O2, please call 202 now so we can protect your account. Thanks.

Is this legit or phishing ?
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Re: Phishing or legit?

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O2 have been some security checks recently. This has been the 3rd one this week

Best bet is to call O2 on 202 and check.

Other numbers in this guide. Guide: Coronavirus Community Help and Support 

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Re: Phishing or legit?

Hi @JM2 

These codes get sent out if someone has enquired about the mobile number. It can sometimes flag if someone has given an incorrect mobile number, which leads to you getting the code.

It is usally nothing to worry about, but to be on the safe side contact 202 or use Webchat to make sure everything is as it should be.