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Paying my bill, need help

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Hi guys,


I took out my o2 pay monthly contract a few months ago, I have to pay £31 a month.


Usually I have been able to pay the bill fine, without problems. But, this month due to unexpected circumstances, I have been unable to pay the bill. My phone was not cut off, and I never did contact o2 to explain this, bad decision I know.


Today, I got a text message from o2 telling me my account bill is overdue, and that I have to pay £29.58.. when usually my bill is £31 a month?


O2 Have also tried to take the money from my bank, they were unsuccessful as the money was not in the bank (HSBC), will I now encounter charges from my bank when I get money in there?


Is there some sort of payment plan I can get on with o2, as I have took out a 24 month contract and I am already struggling with the payments due to the unexpected circumstances.. I just need a bit of advice on what to do really..


Thanks guys

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Re: Paying my bill, need help

You need to contact customer service immediately and explain the situation to them. I think the debt management team may be able to help you with a payment plan.


One option you have is to pay off the contract by selling the phone and putting the money towards the payment.


However, if you are struggling to make a payment of £31 then that might not be a wise option.


What you don't want to do, is to do nothing, otherwise this could escalate into debt collection and markers on your credit file which could have an adverse effect on your life for years to come.


Do you have a family member who could possibly take over the account as their own?