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Pay monthly bill overcharge

Hoping someone can help me out.

I upgraded my monthly plan on 23 March. My month refreshed on the 28th March. I just received my monthly bill and I've been charged the full amount for my new monthly plan upfront, depsite being told by o2 that it would be pro-rata and i should only be charged additional from 23-28th March. I believe I'm being overcharged and would like to check before I make my payment
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Re: Pay monthly bill overcharge

I have a similar issue - I upgraded from a SIM only plan, to a new tarrif (with a new handset). I've just realised that the past 2 months O2 has charged me for BOTH plans still. 


Is there an email we can use to contact O2 as they are asking people not to call unless urgent (this kinda is, but also not).


Sorry I can't answer the OP question!

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Re: Pay monthly bill overcharge

@Protea @Ams 

There is no email unfortunately.

You wll need to try to call Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

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