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Pay and Go Go Go - is there a monthly minimum charge

I'm about to get a new smartphone from O2, and am baffled by all the contracts.  I've currently using (old) basic Pay and Go and use it for emergencies only.


My main use in future will be for data - plus just a few phone calls and texts - I won't be a heavy user by any means.   I'm currently unsure how much I'll spend over a month, but I definitely don't want to commit to a contract, it must be Pay and Go.


My question is this - if I choose Pay and Go Go Go, and don't spend as much as £10 a month, then what happens?   Will I still get charged the mimumum £10 for the month?


 I've not been able to find the answer to this simple question - if anyone is able to help me, then that would be much appreciated please!

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Re: Pay and Go Go Go - is there a monthly minimum charge

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If you opt for pay as you go go go 10 you will receive a number of minutes and texts and a data bundle that lasts for a month.  =  75 mins, 500 texts and 250MB of data




Simply top up by £10 and on your anniversary date that £10 will be taken to pay for the tariff.


Any remaining parts of your tariff that is left will not roll over.


You then ensure another £10 is topped up ready for your next anniversary date.

If you forget etc then the tariff will stop and you'll be charged normal rates for making calls, sending textx and accessing the internet.


Then when you top up again your tariff will restart and be given a new anniversary date.


After 3 months your minutes, texts and data will increase and then again after 6 months they will increase.