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Pay & Go Go Go

I did check the commonly asked questions for the Pay & Go Go Go but could not find my question.


I got a text from O2 on the Saturday just gone saying exactly this. 

"O2: Remember, you need £10 credit before 01 May to get double Pay & Go Go Go allowance next month. To change your allowance, call 2202 free in the next 48 hrs."


So it's come to the time where I have to top up, so I top up and it takes my credit off straight away. I check my allowance via my phone and it says I have the same amount of calls, texts and internet as last month. (150 Minutes, 1000 texts and 500mb of internet)


Just wondering why it's the same as last month when o2 had contacted me saying it was to be doubled?


Thanks, Scott.

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Re: Pay & Go Go Go

You are already on the double tariff. Adter the first 3 months you double up from 75 mins/500texts/250mb after that your next double up relates to the %age back which goes from 5% to 10%. The text you received is just badly worded.
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