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Using the support of an o2 representative online, I placed an order before Christmas for the new iPad Pencil and IPad keyboard for the 12.9” 2018 iPad. Pencil arrived, as did the keyboard - but it was the wrong keyboard. Spoke with o2 verbally via 202 and they concluded that there were only two Apple keyboards available for the size of my iPad, what had been dispatched was incorrect (but incorrectly ordered) so they sent a returns envelope for the wrong keyboard and reordered me the right keyboard, it was in stock. That was on the 27th december, and I’ve not received my keyboard so I rang up to be told that it’s not in stock and my order will have to be cancelled.

I’ve told them not to cancel my order until it’s explained to me why the website says they are in stock, yet they can’t deliver me one.

I’m not for having a go at o2 just for the sake of it, but my patience is running low and I’m beginning to feel frustrated. I’ve never had problems with o2 before and I’ve been with them for many years.

Ive tang some stores local to me, the franchises are helpful but are limited as to what they can do, the retail store was very unhelpful and didn’t seem interested in helping me out.

I’m owed money from the two orders I’ve made, and I’m still without a keyboard.

Can anyone give me some guidance?
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They certainly haven't fulfilled your order so O2 are at fault here.

The major problem with shopping online with O2 is they do NOT have a live stock ordering system. So even if they state on the website 'In Stock' ...chances are it isn't.


If you don't want to cancel your order, then you will have to wait until it comes back in stock.

The other option is to go instore after cancelling your order. (Making sure your local O2 store has everything you need before cancellation though).


I'm not sure our managers can help with this one, though I will tag them in case @Martin-O2 @Marjo @EmilieT (they won't be back till Monday so you will need to pop back then)


Your only other option is to make a complaint. However if you do that, then our managers wont be able to get involved @IT_geek

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Hi @IT_geek, and sorry to hear you've run into some difficulties with your latest order. If you'd like to speak with a guru abotu this to see what the options are, I'd love to arrange for one to look into this with you. I'll send you a Private Message to discuss it further slight_smile


Thanks @Cleoriff for the mention!

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