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O2 overdue bill

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So i recently received a lovely letter saying there’s been a breach of contract between Telefonica and myself based on a payment that was about 14 working days overdue.


O2 have already suspended my SIM card after 14 days of the due date.


Unforunately at the minute I have a BNPL with another creditor which is falling due by the end of this month and since the compound interest is extemely high over £1,000.00. I am literally throwing everything I earn at this and O2 isn’t exactly a priority with a £3.50 late payment fee, I would rather take that then £1,000.00 interest.


My current issue is how long do Telefonica give you before the likes of Defaults, CCJ’s, Attachment Of Earnings are issued? As i’m a little concerned due to the letter i got because of a 10 day late paymen they were listing actions they could take etc.. I’m sure it’s just a scare etc but it’s a little excessive over 10 days.


When I speak to O2 they want me to speak to a specialist team and go through a expenditure form and I think it’s a little excessive when I ask to pay after my BNPL is due which is less than a whole month. I have been through this before with another creditor during hard times and it’s not that i’m In a hard time it’s just that I want to prioritise bills which are going to cost me more in the long run, but before I went through a expenditure form I had a DMP (Debt Management Plan) marker placed on my credit file which impacted my report significantly compared to a late payment mark, which obviously I am trying to avoid.


Obviously right now my priority is I throwing everything at this debt with this other creditor to minimise to the full the amount of compound interest charged.


My question really is what will happen if I leave it until the next month to pay? 

Is it just going to be a late payment marker on my credit file? And a £3.50 charge if so I can live with that.


Are O2 (Telefonica) really going to place a Default or CCJ on my file for a payment which is let’s say 30 days late?


Obviously the concern is the letter I received just after 10 working days which isn’t exactly a long period of time and although i’m going to take a educated assumption it’s a automated computer generated letter but it’s using very scary words.


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Never ignore. Call them again. Ignore and you could regret it and there could be an issue in the future. 

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