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O2 have ruined my credit score!

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I am in the process of buying a house and during an appointment with my mortgage advisor i realise my credit score is bad because of O2 adding bad credit to my name, which i now see is not a new thing.


To keep things short, I bought an iPhone in November 2018 and sent it back within the cooling off period as I changed my mind. After this I spoke to o2 and confirmed that it was cancelled and I didn't owe any payment on the account. Now nearly 3 years later and hearing nothing else about it (no emails, no calls and no post) I can see on my credit report that o2 have apparently tried to get £35 off me in December 2018 for that contract which then defaulted months later. Again, I already confirmed no money was owed to settle the account, and I received no further communication from o2.


This is completely incorrect and is affecting me so badly. Me and my husband have just sold our property and have been trying to get a mortgage which we now can't. We need this sorted ASAP please can someone help??!!


We've already spent a lot of money on mortgage advisors and estate agent fees and now we can't even move! We are going to sue o2 for damages as I believe this is illegal.

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@hollymarie1998  you need to contact credit referrals

Credit File Referrals Team

Suite P

Arlington Business Centre


LS11 0NE

Fax 0113 2025865

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