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O2 customer service

I just received a call from 0203 0565467 on my mobile. The gentleman said he was from O2 and that it was about an upgrade. Now I know I'm due an upgrade but have been awaiting the release of the next iPhone so am not interested in an upgrade at present. He responded by saying he could reduce my tariff to £26 per month on a sim only basis. This would represent a reasonable reduction compared to my O2 45 tariff which has been running for approx 24 month:


However, is this genuine? I'm concerned:

1) was this really a call from O2 (seems strange them wanting to reduce my bill!)

2) would changing to sim only tie me into a new contract?

3) would changing to sim only be likely to affect the price of upgrade to the next iPhone? (I seem to recall that the price of upgrades used to be tied to your tariff.)

4) would changing to sim only affect my minutes/texts/data available?


Sorry for what may seem like very noobish questions. I just didn't feel comfortable discussing the contract over the phone when it might not have been O2 calling. I appreciate any advice you can give...

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Re: O2 customer service

Hi Dhiammara


1) Possibly was an outbound call from O2 directly, but more than likely a third party company such as Phones4U or Carphone Warehouse (if you took your current contract with them) as they have your details as well.


2) Changing to sim-only does tie you into contract, and as it is the £26 per month tariff you have been offered I would assume that it was the unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 1 GB data with unlimited wifi, which is a 12 month sim only. However, the benefit that O2 directly offer you is that you can upgrade anytime with us, during the 12 months without having to pay a termination fee (so if the new iPhone comes out say for example in October, then you can upgrade with O2 directly to that phone on a new monthly contract without having to pay the remaining 10 months left on your sim only contract. However, I don't know whether this will still apply to you if the company calling you is a third party company and not O2 directly.


3) If you moved to the 12 month sim only, the only offers available to you to upgrade to will be the same as O2's direct website. What you are entitled to as an upgrade with O2, is based on lots of factors such as; how long you have been with O2, your average monthly spend, and also the phone you are upgrading to. As the new iPhone is likely to be very expensive and will undoubtedly be in very high demand on its launch, the price of the upgrade may be high you may be better waiting on the sim only for a few months (if your current phone is ok) and then like with anything over time, the price will go down, meaning you may get a better deal later on.


4) This depends on what tariff you are moving to.


My advice would be to call O2 directly, calling 202 free from your O2 contract mobile phone, and speaking to Upgrades who can confirm the deals available to you, and if you don't want to be tied in for 12 months, then you can still move to a 30 day rolling sim only, meaning that you are able to cancel the contract at any time, without penalty by giving 30 days notice.


Hope this helps Smiley Happy