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O2 customer service - not!

I hope I have selected the right forum for this and that I am not in
breech of any forum rules.

Yesterday my O2 mobile phone was barred without any warning. Many phone
calls and emails later I am still no closer to getting the situation
resolved. No one will contact me.

It seems, from the very limited information that I managed to squeeze
out of a supervisor last evening, that someone has changed the address
for my account to a different address without my knowledge or
permission. They will not discuss the matter any further despite my
being able to tell them all the details from my last bill plus details
of the bank account that the direct debit is with.

I sent proof of who I am, driving licence, bank statement and utility
bill to the email address they gave me and two more follow up emails,
all to no avail.

OFCOM said they are limited in the help they can provide but did send
O23 an email about my problem.

My local police said they cannot do anything unless O2 report a crime.
O2 seem to be doing nothing.

This would not be so bad except that I have a severely disabled wife
who has current serious health problems resulting in her being strict
bed 24/7. I have doctors, nurses, carers and physio coming and my
mobile is/was the main point of contact but no one seems to give a hoot
about this so I cannot leave the house for more than a few minutes to
go to the closest shop for essentials.

Does anyone know of someone I can contact who will actually listen to
my problem as I am presently between a rock and a hard place?

Please don't suggest customer care because they have been totally

If I wasn't limited to a State Pension I would go out and buy a
pay-as-you-go phone or get the cheapest contract I could, if I could
actually leave home for long enough to go to the main town but, having
been an O2 customer since Cellnet days, I do feel that I deserve better
treatment than this.

Kind regards

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O2 customer service - not!

Firstly, you've pretty much come to the right board and there's nothing I can see in your post that goes against the forum rules.

Just to note, though, this is a customer only forum, if you didn't already know, so there's no official o2 presence here. Hopefully some of the experienced posters here should be able to give advice on what you should be able to do next.

Just to clarify though:

Is it your phone's IMEI that's been blocked, or would your handset work with a PAYG SIM in it?

If the IMEI has been blocked that action would only usually be taken if the handset was lost or stolen.

If it's your account that's been suspended I don't understand why that is. If someone (who obviously had all your security details) was able to change the address on the account, how would o2 know it wasn't you?

Can you still log in to your account? If you have the SIM then I don't see how anyone could benefit from getting your account address changed.

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Advice and comparison...

Firstly, the OP has my sympathy as these sorts of care situations create many problems and dependencies that only those who've experienced it are likely to understand.

If the IMEI (phone's serial number in effect) has been blocked then no new SIM or other option will get the phone going again legally. O2 may be able to reverse an IMEI block IF they are quick about it, ie. before it is passed to all the other mobile companies in Europe! I'd like to think there is a grace period to allow for typo's and such like within the phone companies.

If you need a spare phone and SIM to be using NOW then one good idea may be to send someone to say ASDA or TESCOs for you where they will often stock very cheap phones on a reasonable PAYG SIM and hopefully you'll only need this until everything is sorted. Perhaps a Neighbour or Friend could do this for you. You may even be able to buy from them online.

Checked: Tesco online have 3 phones listed below £20. I'm sure even O2 might see your unhappiness is buying from them at the moment! Also if your O2 account has been tampered with then you don't want a spare o2 phone linking to it or the same payment details - for now at least. Similarly Virgin have 4 phones at that price and I've never had trouble with their next day delivery. It might be too late today to receive it before Saturday though. In the past they have even delivered on Sundays to give next day service.

Given your dependence on a mobile having such a spare for £20 may be useful. Just make a few calls every few months to make sure the SIM/number is kept active. The credit won't expire.

Another thought struck me before you make any online purchase...

How certain are you that you PC is secure and your account might not have been breached by someone's virus on your machine? Do you have an up-to-date anti-virus program which runs at least every few days and has a "realtime guard" option running all the time? Do you use a proper router or a usb-modem? Is your system up to date with "windows updates"? Do you avoid using "internet explorer IE" and/or Outlook Email (the two most vulnerable internet tools in existence)?

I'm not saying the account breach came from your PC - BUT its a good time to make sure as hard as you can.

>> As an aside account changes of all sorts are cropping up and its hard to know how they collate the info. eg. a family member had the verified-by-visa password on their visa card changed. They sent a "changed" email to us and luckily we caught it. A bit later that day someone attempted to make a purchase. It turns out V-by-V can be altered if you have the account number and date of birth. Everyone you buy from has the first and how many websites etc ask for the latter.
Dangerous Times.
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O2 customer service - not!

Hi there John,

From the sounds of it your account has been suspended for suspected fraud (like I say this is going off what has been posted)and I can assure you that o2 are purely looking after your details and trying to ascertain where the threat has come from before they know it is safe to open the account again. The fact that it is a fraud issue could be the reason why you aren't getting much information, understandably o2 don't know that you are you so they have to tread carefully so they don't give your details out to someone who might be pretending to be you.

Unfortunately because of the kind of world we live in, the fraud team are very busy every day with cases so it does take some time to sort out but they don't drag their heels, they will be trying to deal with it in a timely fashion.

If it has been closed for a fraud issue then it will be that your IMEI has been barred on the account.

If you are able, can I suggest that you perhaps go to an o2 store and ask them to contact their retail helpdesk, take along some ID to prove you are the account holder and you may be given some more information and although it might not get resolved, you may find that you're more in the picture about it all.

I can completely understand your frustration but please realise that if it is because of suspected fraud then they are doing it for your safety.

With regards to the previous post and the IMEI being reversed, don't worry, o2 can lift all bars at any time so once it is resolved o2 will remove the IMEI bar. Smiley Happy
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O2 customer service - not!

I'm going to hazard a guess that if someone changed the address then they have probably ordered a new phone/contract on a new number and quite likely reported the first one as stolen to remove the OP's ability to stop the fraud. The key to this would is when the address was changed.

Thanks for clarifying that sheepdog, I'm obviously naive when it comes to the underhand tactics of the criminal fraternity. That makes sense to me now.

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O2 customer service - not!

Thank you everyone for your kind replies which I am digesting.

It does appear that I am the victim of a fraud although how that happened is a mystery to me as I have never used my mobile for web use and I don't have a mobile phone presence on my PC.

It seems that I will have to bite the bullet and buy a pay-as-you-go phone and I have been looking at the offerings on the Tesco site.

I have a question or two:

Would I be correct that, in addition to buying a phone, I need to buy a SIM card or does the phone include one?

Can top-ups be obtained from any shop that does top-ups or would I have to go to a Tesco shop? If the latter then a Tesco phone would be of no use to me.

What of the cheaper Tesco phones would you recommend, I really only need it to make and receive calls. I don't need FM or MP3.
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O2 customer service - not!

Hey John, tried to look for you as I'm no expert on Tesco, the phones come locked to a service so a few years ago I'd have assumed the sim-pack was included in the price. That might not be the case as even instore O2 PAYG phones are a price+free/sim+£10 top up. So in effect you pay for the sim separately.

I couldn't find any FAQs on the tesco website. If you did need to buy say the TescoMobile sim then its £5 and include £10 credit! Do keep an eye on the fact that their cheap phones are each on different networks so you would need the right sim-pack for each phone. Checking the TescoMobile site here says
We've got a fantastic range of Pay as you go phones at great...
This page says you can topup:
Online - anytime: online or by text - automatically: weekly or monthly...

Just for reference as I've been a fan of them for a long time the Virgin offerings are similar. Next Day Delivery and you can Topup in that same collection of ways. With either (or even o2) you can topup over the phone or online so you don't even have to leave the house.
Good luck with getting the fraud (attempt?) sorted.
Do make a point of checking any bank statements this month, just incase. In late 2007 I got a virgin joiners pack turn up at my door but with another name. Thought about phoning them. A couple of days later a bank statement showed that MY card had been used to buy credit on O2 (who I'd left at that time) and Vodaphone (never had one). So I phoned the bank and started a fraud action on those.
Even more suspicious about the virgin I phoned them and it did look bogus. A PAYG phone had been bought - but not with my card - and topped up to about £95 as I recall, maybe higher. Their attempt to use my card was blocked - I suspect because virgin have a very thorough Card vs Mobile database. I'd already had to get approval at the time to have my phone and both the children's on the same card. Their automated processing rejected even that it as suspicious as we'd also had two warrantee swaps and a number port and so had lots of accounts/numbers/IMEIs against my card. It was VERY efficient of them!
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Possible Fraud?


A suggestion for you

Have you thought about contacting O2's Complaint Review Service?

You should have some answers to this and if you are not being given any info or even being referred to the fraud and security part of O2 then you need to talk to the above department.

I believe the correct chain of events is

Speak to the advisor and ask to escalate to a manager - they give you details to escalate to the Complaint Review Service in writing - If you are still not happy then Ofcom are happy to deal with this as the correct process has been adhered to.

I hope this helps
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O2 customer service - not!

I realised that I had not posted an update although I still do not have the full story.

On Thursday I contacted Ofcom again as I was still getting no response from my emails to O2. Ofcom said they would email O2 complaints dept on my behalf.

Friday afternoon a charming lady from O2 complaints phoned me and we discussed the problem. She promised to contact the fraud team to see what was being done and how much progress there had been and to also ask why none of my emails to them had been responded to.

Saturday morning the lady phoned me again to say that she had not had a response from the fraud team, nothing new there then , and she was next at work on Tuesday when she would phone me again.

Unless or until she gets more information she said she in in the same boat as the customer service people and could not tell me more than the fact that the "fraud" was being investigated.

One question I asked was, would the direct debit billing still continue even though my phone has been disabled, she was not able to answer that question fully although she thought that billing would continue. She was also unable to tell me if, when all this has been resolved, I would still be able to use my long standing mobile number which is known by all the various health and social services agencies who need to contact me

Fortunately my son has been able to let me have an unused Sony Ericsson T280i phone with a T-Mobile PAYG SIM that is similar enough to my 750i that I had no difficulty setting it up.

I will post more when I know more.

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O2 customer service - not!

Hi there, thanks for the update, I've been wondering how this has been going.

As far as the billing, I would continue to pay, its not worth it being transferred onto a collection agent, but pursue a gesture of goodwill once it is resolved.

As for your number, so long as it all comes out in your favour then you will get to keep your number.

As for waiting for fraud, they are very very busy and they do seem to take their time. I hate having to phone them because its often a 45 minute wait to get through to them and things do really drag.

Have you been asked to send in any proof of ID? Often you will have to send in 3 forms, proof of ID, proof of address and proof of bank details.