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O2 AAaaaaarrrgggghhhhh

Hi Guys,

So a little story for you. In December, my daughter moved to live with us in Germany. I moved here a year ago and brought my O2 phone with me. I removed the UK O2 sim and inserted a German O2 sim and no problem, continued to use my phone.

So my daughter has an O2 pay-as-you-go phone for christmas. It was bought in the UK and when bought, we checked with O2 who said we could pay 15 pound for an unlock code to get it working with a German O2 sim card (this is not normal, but because of the circumstances they would help). This was bought early December. So we are now in March having made at least one phone call a week since the start of the year to O2 in the UK and had so many notes on their system that we are expecting them to release a novel. BUT... still no code

Today, the customer service person told us there were no notes on file about our phone, that she wasn'T able to email her colleagues, that no managers work in her office and that until we make a phone call with teh phone they won't be able to issue a number. We rang straight back and was told by another person that they would email their colleague and ask their manager to call us!!!! Of course, as per the previous 6 times, no manager called us.

I remember when '3' first started. They were terrible but I have to say, they make O2 look like Pro's

Oh boy
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O2 AAaaaaarrrgggghhhhh

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I think you now need to go to the next step and complain in writing to the complaint review service.



O2 Complaints Review Service

PO BOX 694


SO23 5AP
More information here : How do I make a complaint?

Tell them: 
• Your name and address 
• Your mobile and account numbers 
• A daytime phone number 
• A suggestion of how they can put things right 

http://www.o2.co.uk/assets/O2HybridNav/ ... actice.pdf


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O2 AAaaaaarrrgggghhhhh

Yes, I think the problem here is that the original advice was clearly wrong. (In fact what you want to do is called box breaking and is the subject of an industry wide campaign led by OFCOM as it costs huge amounts of money) You then get into the problem of there being no procedure to do what you want to do. So with the best will in the world, the people you speak to will find it very hard to help.
The only way to get it sorted is to use the complaint service. The subject of your complaint should be that you were ill-advised to start with.
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O2 AAaaaaarrrgggghhhhh

The only phone I know that can my unlocked on payg straight away for £15.00 is the iphone so If it is an iphone and it was activated in the uk with a uk o2 sim and that sim had £15.00 credit the unlocking form can be used .
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Complaint sent


I have emailed them as per your advice. Lets see what happens here (although I am expecting nothing to be honest). I will be impressed if they at least read it!! Next step is a letter but realistically, the only thing I expect to receive is an ulcer!

The frustrating thing here is that we want to insert a German O2 sim into the phone (as me and my wife are boith on O2). This means the O2 group would be getting money from us every month. As it stands they receive nothing.

If we can't sort this we can all move onto a different network I guess.

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O2 AAaaaaarrrgggghhhhh

Its not O2 group. O2 in the UK is owned by telefonica. They also owned a german network and changed the brand to O2. But they are seperate companies.
Box breaking is a big problem, because PAYG handsets are subsidised in this country. Which means that if a handset is unlocked and sent abroad the network makes a loss. There is therefore no procedure for officially unlocking straight away.
Although handsets are more expensive in Germany, it would have been much simpler to buy one there or to have bought a SIM free handset in this country.