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No service on 2 devices???

No service on 2 devices - Iphone 5 & 6.

Have reset network settings, manually selected networks but nothing?

This in in my house where signal has gradually declined over the past 6 months??

Any ideas?


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Re: No service on 2 devices???

Hi @bingaling

Try this guide to see if it helps


and check network status here https://status.o2.co.uk/

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Re: No service on 2 devices???

Hi @bingaling, I was wondering if you got a chance to have a look at the advice above yet? Did either suggestions help you find out more about this?


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Re: No service on 2 devices???


Service Status report showing:

Sorry a phone mast close to you isn't working

This means you might experience problems making calls, using the internet, or sending/receiving emails.

Updated 09:03 (refreshed hourly). Recent faults might not show yet.


Called Customer Services to find out when this will be fixed and was told by Lyle (can’t give second name) in South Africa could be fixed in 2 days or up to 3 months???? What up to 3 months without service.....yes!!!!

Asked to speak to his manager .....manager Ryidha will call me within 24 hours as not  in at the moment. How can manager call me if I have no signal???


Given ref number 65842378 & 865428

Couldn’t repeat number given when questioned gave 4 different numbers 2 of above.

Got the impression he wasnt really sure what he was doing.


Asked at what point I could cancel my contract as no service for months would surely qualify as not fit for purpose/service. His reply was the small print in my contract states that no signal is required and I can't cancel without paying in full!!!!


I work from home and chose o2 as signal was great, been with them for years. 


Where can I find out when the mast is going to be fixed???? otherwise I'm going to have to get a contract with another provider.


Absolute pain!




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Re: No service on 2 devices???

O2 will never tell you when it's going to be fixed but you can register for updates from the status page.
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Re: No service on 2 devices???

WiFi calling?