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New upgrade

Hello I ready for an upgrade but only won’t to get a new phone not a sim with it as I won’t to keep the sim I have. I am going from an iPhone to a Samsung galaxy s9 I think it is but when I go to sort it out it making me pick a new traiff and I won’t to stay with the one I’ve got now just won’t a new phone
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Re: New upgrade

You will need to buy the phone outright, you cannot just change the phone without taking a new tariff unfortunately.
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Re: New upgrade

A couple of things you can do is keep all your iphone details by using the transfer software which lets you convert your settings to Samsung friendly settings. This will be included in the box and the required software is preinstalled.


Obviously iphone has different tariffs so you may find you have to shop around for a similar matching one that is designed for android. Alas with the flexible options you can do now you may find that's easier to do.


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Re: New upgrade


If you just want to buy the phone you should consider giffgaff

The S9 could be bought outright or with monthly repayments.

Monthly repayments are £33.96 per month


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