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New contract.

Can I link both my contract phones to the Same O2 account. I recently got a new contract in my name for my brother. I'm unsure on how to do this. THANKNYOUU
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Re: New contract.

Hi @Shannon24 

If you log into your My O2 http://www.o2.co.uk/myo2 and select the option to "Bring in other products".
Then follow the instructions on screen to log in to the other account and then merge the two together.


Hope that helps and welcome to the forum Welcome


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Re: New contract.


Think carefully before you do this as they cannot be unlinked.

As the contract is for someone else, they will also have acces to your account and you may not want that.

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Re: New contract.

Welcome to O2, better off keeping 2 separate accounts, once connected can't be undone unless you change the sim card & number, if change sim card & connect old number reconnects to same account! Don't think it can be changed once its done!