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Need a new phone

Hello. Basically, my mum has been with O2 for almost 7-ish years and she had been on Pay & Go for a majority of that time. However, one day we had a phonecall, where an O2 worker told us that she can 'upgrade' her tarriff to Pay Monthly, at £9 a month with unlimited texts, 300MB and 300 mins. It was a good deal for her considering her monthly usage. It also came with the ability to upgrade to a new smartphone with O2 Refresh after 3 months. Now, she has a standard Nokia phone, (C1, I think?) and it just crapped out on her. She needs a new phone, but she has no knowledge in this subject and neither do I (I have a smartphone with O2 Refresh but it hasn't crapped out.. yet). What are the best options? Problem is she's not looking for a contract above 10-12 pounds monthly since she's already pressured by broadband and my contract payment (£27 monthly).

Please help, thanks.
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Re: Need a new phone

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Hi...there is some info on refresh here...


Also a link to the O2 shop to look at the deals available...


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Re: Need a new phone

Thanks, but I already looked through the options. Thing is, she doesn't necessarily want to get a new smartphone, just a phone for which she won't pay more than £12 monthly. As far as I see, there's only 2 options (she needs 300 mins) - the Lumia 635 and S3 Mini, which is a bit too expensive. Would it be better for her to buy a sim-free phone and use her current sim on that phone?
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Re: Need a new phone

Why not look at what carphonewarehouse have on offer too. You can upgrade an O2 account there or buy sim free from them and use the current sim card.
The Lumia 530 is very good for the price from them.
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Re: Need a new phone

Cheers, I'll check it out. I completely forgot about Carphone Warehouse, that's how I got my phone contract with O2. Also, when I can upgrade my phone, since my current Galaxy S4 Mini will be mine to keep, will my mum be able to use her SIM on it, providing that she goes through the whole SIM swapping business?
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Re: Need a new phone

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Re: Need a new phone

Alright, thank you!
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Re: Need a new phone

If all she wants is a chaep and cheerful sim free phone you should also take a look at what's on offer on Amazon. There are some inexpensive ones there too.