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My O2 is "Monitoring Performance"?

Hi there


I've noticed, after recently using the "My O2" app on my phone that whenever my phone rings/texts come in, I get a message from the O2 app that says something about "My O2 is monitoring performance"? What is this and why would this all of a sudden appear on my phone?


Would this be likely to drain the battery? I am sure it is! More importantly, how do I stop this happening? I know I can block notifications from the My O2 app, but I don't want it "monitoring performance"?!

Can anyone help?

Thank you.

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Re: My O2 is "Monitoring Performance"?

You need to turn this off in the network settings in My O2. The last update has meant that this is now the default setting @PaulMC007 

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Re: My O2 is "Monitoring Performance"?

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I found it in the My Network app.

Tap the 3 bars at the top and go to "My Experiance" under the network settings.

You can disable the setting under "Measurements"

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Re: My O2 is "Monitoring Performance"?

Thank you, found that and done it..... appreciate your help....


I think that's a bit sneaky of them to automatically make that the default option? Perhaps that's just me....


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