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My First Order

Hey, I recently bought my first pay monthly phone on O2 and it said next day delivery, that was 3 days ago and I haven't heard anything back after the confirmation email came out.
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Re: My First Order

O2 doesn't have a live stock check, so more than likely the phone you ordered is out of stock.

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Re: My First Order

If you want an update on your order you would need to contact customer services.
All numbers are in this guide:
When you call, you will be asked for the reason you are calling.
Stay silent for 15 seconds and you will be taken to the keypad options.
Press 2 for Everything Else
Press 5 for More Options
Press 7 for Anything Else which will put you though to someone.
You can also try saying "Upgrade" or "Fraud" to be connected to an advisor.
8.00am is the best time to call if you can.

Please note, this is not customer services and we cannot access your account. Do not publish personal details (email, phone number, bank account).

Link to our guide on how to contact them can be found here