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Moving monthly contracts O2 -O2

I currently have an O2 I-phone contract that runs out next month. My son (being young and stupid)recently took out an O2 I-phone contact for his now ex girl friend. He has the phone and sim back but can't afford to pay the contract.


I can cancel my contract which isn't a problem, but will O2 let me take on his new contract or at least let me transfer my number to his new contract when I cancel mine and change the payment detail from his bank to mine. I don't think they'd let him change his contract in to my name even though I've been an O2 customer for several years.


Ideally I'd like them to cancel his contract and just renew mine (mine costs more by the way) but I'm not paying 18 months of cancellation fees. The other option is to cancel mine and transfer my number to his new contract. The contracts are similar except I still get unlimited data, which I'd lose taking on his contract.


Does anyone know how O2 would help me with this?

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Re: Moving monthly contracts O2 -O2

Yes you should be able to do that but as the contract is in his name, your son would have to change the account payment details. I think you may have to migrate your number to P&G before transferring it to the new contract but check with customer service.


I doubt they will let you change the name on the account though.

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Re: Moving monthly contracts O2 -O2

You could always sell the iphone and put the proceeds towards the cancellation fees. 

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Re: Moving monthly contracts O2 -O2

As said above, you can move the number across and change the direct debit details, this can be handled through customer service. The contract however, will always remain in your sons name.