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More 4G everyday!!!

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As you may be aware it appears 4G has arrived in Newmarket - they were scheduled to do more work today apparently and I now get a very weak 4G signal outside my house!!! It appears the whole town center now has a 4G service (upto to 2 bars of signal) - this is an improvement over last week where it was patchy, now it seems overall coverage - it appears they are testing and am assuming the signal strength will be ramped up when testing completes. 


Newmarket is quite a small town (population of about 20,000) so good to see it's quite high up on the rollout. Maybe because of the racing it's worthwhile as it exposes 4G to a large number of people - getting them excited about it.

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Re: More 4G everyday!!!

Good news @Anonymous ...still waiting for it in my town....Smiley Sad

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Re: More 4G everyday!!!

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Re: More 4G everyday!!!

Good news. Please note the number of bars for 4G is broadly irrelevant. That is for the phone signal.

With 4G data you either have it or you don't. So if someone tries to call you in a 4G area your phone will revert back to 3g to deal with the call then should go back to 4G once your call is finished.
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Re: More 4G everyday!!!

Great to hear @Anonymous Smiley Happy

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Re: More 4G everyday!!!

Brightons 4g is getting better and better too! I used to pick it up when I was almost in town, now I get it just outside the front door. Unfortunately we don't get it indoors yet, but I'm happy on the whole. What with TuGo I'm covered no matter what at home anyway Smiley Happy