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Monthly charges increased 50%

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Hi everyone.

I've been on o2 business tariff for around 10 months. My package includes 300 free minutes,unlimited texts and 500mb data.

My charges were stable for 6 months and I always stayed within my allowance.
Then I had not paid my bills for three months due to financial problems. I eventually paid back my dues at the end of third month (my phone was blocked throughout that period).

I had recieved bill for 500 pounds shortly after reactivation, which was then solved by customer service (mistake I beliveve).

Eversince, I have recieved two bills for double the amount I used to pay (jump from 35 to 81 pounds).

I paid the first one, but now it's the same high amount  again.

I decied to investigate and signed in to bill manager panel. I had downloaded excel sheets showing my usage.

The following facts are confusing:
- when I sum up the colum with my usage, it shows 9 hours of calls (+/- 1 hour) for every month since I bought the phone. This suggest no difference in usage between now and back in the past
- I am charged in the first week of the month, long before I could be able to use much of my allowance.

Some calls inbetween the one's I am charged for are shown as free of charge.

Could that be a problem in the system after I had my phone disabled and reactivated?
The bill manager is not reliable in terms of showing me the accurate time of my total calls.

I can provide those billing details if necesarry.
I am very confident that something is not right as I have been a carefull user for a long time.

Thank you for any help

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only business customer services can help on 8002 from your mobile for free.


As we are all customers on here


But you pay the monthly fee up front and pay the chargeable calls in the following month.


So do not look at recent calls they are charged on the next billing date re chargeable calls you can sort the website to show those first on the o2 my business pages on your last invoice see what the numbers are that may help explain the charges. Again 8002 is the way forward.

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