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International Favourites Page Not Working



I bought an international favourite 3 bolt on yesterday morning and have got a message confirming the add on is active but whenever I go to the page to add the numbers it does not work.


I have called O2 customer service twice but got no joy, just told to wait. Is this normal? Why is the O2 International Favourites website not working for so long?


Is there a work around?


Thanks Smiley Happy



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Re: International Favourites Page Not Working

Hi Lpfitzpatrick,

Is it working for you yet?

Cheers, Toby
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Re: International Favourites Page Not Working

Having exactly the same problem. As it is now after 9pm I can't speak to anyone because apparently o2 think no one in the world uses their phones after 9pm!!! I want to make a phone call now and can't, apparently 02 are the last people in the world to know that not everyone works 9-5!

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Re: International Favourites Page Not Working

They work 0800-2100 and we chat is open from0500-2300.

I suggest calling before work maybe? I work very odd hours so I know it can be annoying to not be able to phone.
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