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I want to cancel my contract and go elsewhere

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My contract ended in may2012 but i left it too last week to ring up. I would off stayed with 02 but they want £60 for the iPhone 4s and other companies do it cheaper. I tried to haggle the price as I have been with 02 for 7 yrs but no look I went on line and by accident clicked on the upgrade tariff which locked me in for 1 yr I rang immediately the next day to explain and cancel it as I am in 14 days. They did not do this took me 4 days ringing now they have cancelled that one but renewed my existing contract for another. 2 years which I also didn't want. I just wanted an upgrade and not to pay £60 now it's all got confusing and I just want to end my. Contract but every time I ring I am on the phone for 30-40 mins at a time
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Hi Diamond31,


Have you now been able to cancel the contract you were put into for two years.


Our upgrade and retentions teams are the best people to speak with about this. Sorry if you're unhappy with what was offered 😞


Have you found any deal that you are interested in?

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