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Re: I feel I was mis-sold the Simplicty plan after a 2 year

I have to say I am in agreement. You didn't go over your minutes because you changed tariff. You went over because you used your phone too much. It's not rocket surgery. The idea that O2 would deliberately set you up in the hope this would happen is too ridiculous for words.

Im also in agreement im affraid.
O2 give you plenty of ways of knowing how many mins you have left, from text, wap, web, app and call 202.
And to be honest they generally update with in a few hours now a days too, ive even known them update in 5-10 mins on my allowence.
O2 are also one of the few mobile companies left where they dont round up to a min, so a 1 second call is charged as 1 second.
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