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How can they say payment wasn't recieved

Monday the 15th july I tried paying my bill using my friends bank card transaction failed so i spoke with o2 and they said that their systems were down and try again the next day which I did, it didn't tell me whether the transaction failed or not so I just left it for a few days. So I tried again yesterday after my phone was disconnected and transaction failed, later we went to withdraw the money from my friends account and the money for the phonebill was gone so we phoned her bank and they stated on the 16th july a payment was made to o2 UK we logged onto her online banking and checked the statement on there and that to states that a payment was paye to o2 yet they are still saying that they have not had any payment. What can I do about this?

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Re: How can they say payment wasn't recieved

call customer services and ask them to trace the payment with the reference number for it.