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Hello, newbie here

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Hi everyone, I am so excited to be joining O2!

I've been a customer with my previous provider (sorry I'm not sure if I can name them here?) for over 10 years and sadly the past two years have been a nightmare with them. They did not care to be honest when I called to request my pac code, they didn't even try and make me stay!

Anyway, I'm so please to have moved to O2.... Finally I can have my own priority codes for early concert tickets instead of asking my boyfriend for them grin

So, yesterday I finally bit the bullet and ordered the sony z3 compact! I have been an iPhone user for 4 years (iphone 4 and 5). I feel Apple really mugged me off with my iPhone 5- my battery started messing around after only 6 months (turning off despite having around 50% battery), and they blamed software issues until I was out of my one year warranty to have something done for free. Not to mention the lightning chargers last me an average of 6 months! But iphones, personally I think are amazing... They look good and just generally work well for me. I was going to upgrade to the iPhone 6 but I thought 'why not try something new, I don't have to stick to iphone!' The z3 compact was the only smartphone I was interested in because of its size. I like smaller handsets.. In fact I think the iPhone 6 is slightly too big.

Anyway, at least I have the 14 day cool down period so I can exchange if I don't get along with the z3. I did have a brief play with it in store the other day and I did enjoy it. Plus, I went with a refresh tariff so if I really don't get along with the phone at a later date I know I can pay off the handset and move on.

So I received my text this morning... UKmail are scheduled to deliver it between 5pm-8pm... I'm just looking forward to getting it now.

No doubt I'll be back on the forum asking more questions slight_smile

In the mean time, any tips for a new android user would be good... Any particular good apps I should check out which are android only?

Also... If anyone has any advice on handsets then please let me know... It's not to late, I can always return the z3.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long message hahahah x
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Excellent choice of boss has the Z2 and loves it.

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Pleased you got the phone @Anonymous 

It would be great if you could let us know what you think about it...:smileywink:

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What a lovely thread this is to read slight_smile
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Very good news indeed.

Looking forward to maybe hearing your initial impressions on the phone. slight_smile
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