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Hello, newbie here

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Hi everyone, I am so excited to be joining O2!

I've been a customer with my previous provider (sorry I'm not sure if I can name them here?) for over 10 years and sadly the past two years have been a nightmare with them. They did not care to be honest when I called to request my pac code, they didn't even try and make me stay!

Anyway, I'm so please to have moved to O2.... Finally I can have my own priority codes for early concert tickets instead of asking my boyfriend for them grin

So, yesterday I finally bit the bullet and ordered the sony z3 compact! I have been an iPhone user for 4 years (iphone 4 and 5). I feel Apple really mugged me off with my iPhone 5- my battery started messing around after only 6 months (turning off despite having around 50% battery), and they blamed software issues until I was out of my one year warranty to have something done for free. Not to mention the lightning chargers last me an average of 6 months! But iphones, personally I think are amazing... They look good and just generally work well for me. I was going to upgrade to the iPhone 6 but I thought 'why not try something new, I don't have to stick to iphone!' The z3 compact was the only smartphone I was interested in because of its size. I like smaller handsets.. In fact I think the iPhone 6 is slightly too big.

Anyway, at least I have the 14 day cool down period so I can exchange if I don't get along with the z3. I did have a brief play with it in store the other day and I did enjoy it. Plus, I went with a refresh tariff so if I really don't get along with the phone at a later date I know I can pay off the handset and move on.

So I received my text this morning... UKmail are scheduled to deliver it between 5pm-8pm... I'm just looking forward to getting it now.

No doubt I'll be back on the forum asking more questions slight_smile

In the mean time, any tips for a new android user would be good... Any particular good apps I should check out which are android only?

Also... If anyone has any advice on handsets then please let me know... It's not to late, I can always return the z3.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long message hahahah x
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Hi @Anonymous and welcome to the community. Enjoy the phone and I hope O2 proves to be a good move for you slight_smile

Everyone will be along shortly with advice and apps to try wink

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Hi and welcome.
Good choice of phone and I'm sure you'll get along with ok, but give it time as it may be different to what you are used to.
You will be amazed at how much you can change stuff around on Android that you couldn't on iOS.
Apps are to be found in Play Store and you'll find nearly everything the same as App Store.
If you want a specific app to do a specific thing, shout up and we can recommend the best ones....
For email, I use K9 and pull all my accounts into one app (much easier) and all social feeds can be pulled into something like Flipboard (same as apple version), but have a play with your new phone then come back with any questions you have slight_smile
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Hello @Anonymous and welcome to the community.

I hope you enjoy being with O2.

Mexican Wave

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Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes x
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Hi @Anonymous  and a big welcome to the forum.

I am looking forward to hearing how you get on with your new phone...:smileywink:

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Just my two cents to welcome you to the forum.

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And welcome
to the O2
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I'm still waiting for my handset... They have 37minutes and counting...
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@Anonymous wrote:
I'm still waiting for my handset... They have 37minutes and counting...

Uh Oh....Smiley Frustrated

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