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GED numbers

My bank account references for O2 direct debits are recorded under a reference starting GED then an series of numbers.  Where can I look to see which specific phone or account these numbers relate to.  

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Re: GED numbers


Well from my bank account I didn't see help to that.
My best advice is to check with your bank to see the amount that will be debited from each debits. If you get to know that, you will likely know which account/phone these numbers are related to since you know how much you're paying for them. I hope you get me here?

Alternatively you can contact customer service to enquire about it.
All numbers are here
I hope the response I have provided is reasonable to solve your issue
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Re: GED numbers

Hey @Gary430 just checking on you. Did you manage to find out which account this is or do you need further assistance?

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