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Fraud!! How can this happen ....

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I am still waiting to hear from the fraud department and 02 have been most unhelpful which is leading me to believe that possibly this is an inside job!


Apparently 02 called me on the 21st December to change my address but will not tell me what prompted this phone call. They didnt call ME and apparently on the same day not only was the address changed but someone took out a new contract and ordered themselves a nice swanky phone! 


My account shows the order for the phone on that date but what I cant understand is that my email has not changed so why was the normal notification of change of contract, new phone, etc emailed to me as is the normal course.


As I sit here fuming just out of frustration I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen?


When I spoke to the fraud department they didnt seem too bothered and apparently this happens a lot and the person just wants a nice phone to sell on. Thats great, but in the meantime, whilst I wait for them to think about sorting this out I have to pay the high monthly charges that this lovely little blighter decided to choose on my behalf!


Once this has been sorted and after 11 years of being with 02 I shall be moving to another company!  We also have two other phone contracts with 02 which shall also be moved!

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There have been a few cases of this happening, they will restore your account to normal and credit back any charges.


There is a thread on this here:

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read through this thread especially near the end

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The sad fact is that these scam and fraud artists are bloody good at what they do and disappear well before its picked up one way or another.

02 may not come across as bothered but take into account they are going to end up with lost product , charges they will have to return to you and most possibly a lost loyal customer.

I once bought a phone case from e bay via PayPal and within minutes my bank account locked out as someone had hacked into my Pc with a key logger Trojan and tried to take £1,500 out of my bank account. Like I've said they are good at what they do.

What's going to make the difference here is what 02 do to rectify this and how quick they do it.

Hope all turns out ok.

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Thanks so much for the info .. really helpful!


Well, its defo made my mind up that when 02 finally get off their butts and sort this out I am going to another service provider for sure! The systems they have in place seem poor and I really cant go through this again.


Im also getting sick and tired of the numerous phone calls Im receiving from mobiles that I dont recognise but when I answer they hang up. Had 8 different numbers now.


For me, I didnt even know this had happened until I had logged into my account and saw that I couldnt upgrade for two years, but my upgrade was due December!

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It's all been said in the linked thread. O2 have supposedly tightened up security to stop this happening but it's still happening all too frequently.


It's not the fact that O2 will recredit your account and make things right, the time taken to do this can take months. I'm not sure anyone on here has any confidence that O2 can protect your details and safeguard your security and account.

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It's a shame this still happens. Unfortunatly they still refuse to implement better security.

Even with my vastly long password using upper/lower/figures/special characters someone still managed to change my address. Thankfully I caught it before they managed to purchase anything.

Secure channels are one thing to prevent snooping of transactions however if these channels are easily breeched at user end they become useless.
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It's a worry but I doubt they're any worse than any other company.


Last week EE were asking for passwords and postcodes on Twitter.

To support Disasters Emergency Committee: text Nepal to 70000 to send £5

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Account access can only be so secure. By their nature, you have to have prompts and backup questions for customers who keep forgetting their passwords. That in itself renders it not as secure as you'd like to think. A problem that not just O2 faces.

Flip side, if O2 took away all of the prompts, hints and security answers many genuine customers would never be able to get access to their accounts.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Also from Fraud and Security's point of view, you'll need to forgive them if they seem less than enthusiastic about helping. Chasing down fraud is what they do for a living so your situation although unique to you theyve seen a million times before, so to speak.

But the point is they will sort things out. They just need a little time to investigate to make sure there was actual fraud.
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Ok, out of all the people that have repied on this post, how many have had ther o2 account hacked? How many of the same people have had there email hacked? How many of the same people have had there bank details taken?

Out of all those people that said yes, who has been done twice?

Bad security of a company is only allowed if the indidivual who had there information stolen allowed it to happen to start with.

The blame is very quickly passed on.

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