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Early upgrade

Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if everyone have to pay same fee for early upgrade. I took my contract a year ago, today if I would like to upgrade I would need to pay 387 pounds. Phone I took was Honor View 20 and they price for this phone for today around 300 pounds (new) which is mean my phone is worth around 150 pounds and O2 expecting me to pay double if it
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Re: Early upgrade

That's correct I'm afraid. The contract was for the phone at an agreed price and the hire purchase agreement needs to be paid in full irrespective of what the phone is worth now. You would be shocked at the trade in price of the phone but the contract you entered into is binding. This would be the same for any customer.

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Re: Early upgrade

Buy a phone and take out a sim only deal next time. You can buy a phone anywhere you want and look for the best price then find a sim only deal to suit your usage.

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