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Does this breach O2’s contract with customers ?

Does this breach our T&C’s so I can go back to Vodafone ?
I was with Vodafone over 10 years and had 1 issue, I have only been with O2 for 5 months and suffered from 3 issues that have affect me , two of these national issues.
The issue today is affecting calls as well as data and think we should all be compensated for this issue as I cannot use the data that I pay for and I am having to ring numerous times to get a call through .
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Re: Does this breach O2’s contract with customers ?

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It doesn't breach your contract. No network guarantees 100% coverage all of the time.

Compensation will be dependent on the length of the outage.

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Re: Does this breach O2’s contract with customers ?

How long does the outage have to go on for before I get compensation and how much will it be ?
I just want the network back up but you have to many single points of failure as this is the second major outage in 3 months!!!!!
I will have to check my contract details very closely.
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Re: Does this breach O2’s contract with customers ?

Thanks for reporting issues with the network today. We have an official topic about this so we're locking this thread to keep the conversation in one please. Please use this thread to share your feedback. 




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