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Disappointing Service

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Team it is very disappointing because of the O2 service.

I thought Porting my number from Lyca to O2 is a great option however the service dissapointed me in the begining itself.

When I was registering to O2 I was told that monthly 18 pounds which includes Unlimited International Unlimted Local and 25 GB mobile data. However now I see that the billing date is cameup so early and I need to pay 90 pounds to activate my service.

At present I am not able to make any outgoing calls or use mobile data.

As the world is aware that presently we are undergoing a very Hard days, even though my services are disconnected.

Now tell me why I need to pay 90 pounds when I am avail for unlimted local and international calls.

You need to explain me, till now nobdoy reached me on phone after sending emails requesting call backs to expalin the issue.

Disappointing Service

Hope you will reach out me ASAP.

Thank you.

Mobile: xxxxxxxxxxx


[mod edit: please do not post personal information on the public board. Thanks!]

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Hi @Udaykiran 

This isn't O2 you are talking to. It's a community forum made up of members like yourself, so we have no access to your account and no idea why you owe £90.


You need to contact O2. Borrow a phone, use a landline or even Skype to call.

All numbers are in this guide. Try any or all of them.

Guide: Coronavirus Community Help and Support 

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Sorry to hear you are disappointed and upset. Your very best option is to contact customer services as mentioned above.
Good luck @Udaykiran
Hope all sorted soon
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