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Device plan

I got a phone a while ago on O2 and I'm not only paying my usage I'm paying a device plan too? I was no made aware of this at the time I took the contract out. I have only just noticed due to taking a second one out and I have no divide plan on it. For so long I thought it was normal but clearly it's not and I don't know what to do about it. I always thought my bill was higher than I originally took out but never questioned it. Any help on the matter would be nice thank you. Plus the device no longer charges properly
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Re: Device plan

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Hi @Scottuf


Firstly, this is not O2 you are speaking to but a customer forum made up of customers like yourself.


Please read the link below which should better explain how Refresh works:



The device plan you refer to is the actual cost of your phone spread over 24 months. The usage is your airtime bill. The 2 bills added together are what you pay each month.


It should have been explained to you at the time you purchased your phone that there would be 2 bills, one for the cost of the phone (device plan) and one for your phone usage (the airtime portion). The total of the device plan and airtime added together should have been quoted as the cost of the contract you signed. I'm sorry if this wasn't made clear to you at the time.


You mention a second contract where no device plan is mentioned. Is this a phone contract or a totally different O2 product? All phones purchased on a refresh contract will have bills split between device plan and airtime.


Finally, if your phone no longer charges properly, you may need a new battery. I suggest you pop into your local O2 store with your phone and see what they say. If it needs repairing, I would suggest you avoid sending it into O2, as there have been numerous complaints about this service.


Good luck and welcome to the forum Welcome



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Re: Device plan

Refresh is only available from O2 direct sales channels so if your new contract is from Carphone Warehouse you won't have the split charges.
Additionally, you would have authorised 2 direct debits when you took the contract with O2 initially and agreed to the terms and conditions which clearly explain how the payments are made up each month.
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Re: Device plan

Hi @Scottuf, sorry to hear that you were feeling confused about your bill. Did the above information from our members @Glory1 and @MI5 help explain this a bit better? Let us know if you have any further questions. Smiley Happy

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