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Data Usage

I was appalled by o2 customer services recently when I found I had somehow used 8GB data a few hours before my account was to reset for the month. I pay a lot for data already 8GB is a lot for me and hence called to find out why I had used so much and how I could still use data before my account reset. The lady was rude and unhelpful, however did say she had given me 100MB to keep me going for free which I felt was acceptable until I received my new bill which had additional £5+ costs for a data bolt on for 100MB! Thinking of leaving o2 after many years due to poor coverage, ridiculous charges for data and horrendous customer service! If anybody can suggest how or why I am being rinsed for data every month when I use WiFi at home and work I’d be most grateful
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Re: Data Usage

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You need to start by checking your phones settings to see what is using data. It's possible that your WiFi could be poor and the phone has used mobile data so if you want to guarantee only WiFi use, turn off mobile data on the handset.

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Re: Data Usage

@Nathan1 If you aren't using your mobile data, you need to switch it off in your settings. You also need to check to see which apps you have running in the background, and which apps are updating automatically. Many apps, such as Facebook are data hogs. I don't know what phone you're using, but I'm able to set my Android phone to only update over WiFi. As one of your complaints is of poor coverage, make sure your phone is unlocked, and get Pay & Go sims from the other networks to see which one suits your needs best.