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DPA Breach by o2

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I am a pay as you go customer , last night I have received 3 text messages saying this is your online account temporary password but I never requested one because I already know my online password. Fine I have logged in with temporary password and changed my password again then suddenly I have noticed my pay as you go number has changed to the different number. I have spoken to some one on online chat and she has no idea what I am talking about. This morning my sim card stop working and I have called o2 customer service and agent said somebody migrated my number to pay monthly and assigned to someone with out contacting me. The agent saying the only way he can get my number back is disconnect the  pay monthly contract which is assigned with my number and put it back on to my account. He said he need to speak to retentions and then hopefully he will call me back. When I ring my number from other mobile that number is ringing that means someone is using my number from this morning. I am still waiting for my call back. 

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Sounds suspicious. I'm wondering if your account has been hacked in some way. You did the right thing in changing your password.

Do check your account to make sure someone has not put a contract phone on it. 

It sounds like a job for O2's fraud department.

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