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Re: Customer Service

Thanks all.


I'd just like to re-iterate that, with the exception of the out-sourced support (which is usually obvious), this isn't a people / staff issue for O2.  As I mentioned, the Social Media team do the best they can in the face of taking the brunt of direct complaints with the limited access they can offer.


Even the network is massively improved these days.


The problem, more fundamentally, is O2's policies and procedures for customer loyalty and consistency in adviser training - which obviously varies greatly.

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Re: Customer Service


Sad to say, after 9 years with O2 I am leaving for another network.  My phone is unlocked, I have the PAC code and it's time to say farewell.


Over the 9 years O2 had always been very flexible and provided good customer loyalty and retention offers which represented good prices and made you feel valued as a customer.  More recently however this has stopped; I don't feel the standard contracts are really good value and the removal of customer loyalty rewards leaves me feeling somewhat unvalued.


The bigger problem for me however is coverage.  A number of places I travel to still only get O2 2G coverage and some even have no coverage.  I'm not overly worried about having full-strength 4G (i.e. all bars), but I have frequently found on O2 that I will suddenly lose coverage completely on 4G without reason and then there's a delay as the 3G signal kicks in.  Most annoying however is where my parents live - O2 only provide 2G there and frequently there is no signal for a week at a time.  Everytime it gets reported O2 state they are aware of it and an engineer is working on it - this has been going on for 3 years.


But I am still sad to go and hopefully O2 will get their network / prices / customer service sorted out and maybe i'll be back in a year.

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Re: Customer Service

A rather sad but not uncommon story these days. O2 snatching defeat from the jaws of victory but they don't care anymore.
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Re: Customer Service

Hi @AlignedChaos , sorry to hear that you're leaving.


Where is the area that you're parents are based (or where you travel regularly) roughly? I can see if there is any info on network improvements there.

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