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Contract renewal - what date does it start from?

I went into the O2 store earlier to look to renew and get an iphone. I'm an online customer, have been for years, and my contract expired in June. Anyway, I said to the assistant "the renewed contract will start from the date my current one ended wont it"(as o2 have been getting 45 quid a month off me during this period anyway) and he said that it wouldnt. It would start from todays date. So I;ll have the iphone till some time in 09 not November next year if thast right.

Is this the case? Ir would it nit be if renewing with o2 online like I normally do? I am sure when I have renewed in the past and its continued from the date my last one has ended. Sure I had the conversation on the phone two years ago when i asked the same question because I wanted to wait for certain phone to come out and it came out three months after my contract ended?!

Thanks in advance to anyway who can clarify.
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Contract renewal - what date does it start from?

The contract will start as of the day you upgrade, in this case, today, so if you have taken an 18 month contract, it starts today.
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Contract renewal - what date does it start from?

Don't know if iPhone contracts are different, but if I understand correctly you have a contact with O2 online and have now taken out an iPhone contact in-store.

To the best of my knowledge these would be 2 seperate contacts not an upgrade or continuation of the old one as the stores are franchised and as such a different area of the company than O2 online.

Therefore to avoid running 2 contacts, you would need to cancel your existing one with O2 online.

Either way, your iPhone contact would start from the day you signed for it in-store.

Happy to be correctly by someone wiser than me (the general UK population Smiley Happy )

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