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Contract cancellation due to moving abroad

Im moving away to the United States for work. Obviously, I wont be using my UK phone and therefore need rid. I have around 8 months left to run. Are my only options paying off the remainder of the contract in full or letting it run from my account....However, I am shutting my bank account so I'm curious what options I have.

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Re: Contract cancellation due to moving abroad

Pay it off in full in advance or get someone you trust to take over payments for you.
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Re: Contract cancellation due to moving abroad

Thats basically your only option. You could try and convince a family member to take on the remainder of the contract and then when ended, get them to take over the contract. In the meantime you'll still be liable for all unpaid bills even if payment comes from their bank account.


You could try and get the contract swapped to a family member but they'd need to pass the credit checks too.


Otherwise, to avoid the hassle, pay up the remainder and sell the phone to cover the costs! If you have no intention of returning, then do that but I'd suggest to keep hold of it for a month or two whilst you settle then decide.