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Constant problem with iwatch bill

I have an iPhone, iwatch and a tablet with 02. Back in August my account was deactivated due to an error on my part and forgetting to pay a couple of payments for my tablet. I contacted 02 and my account was reactivated and I was told everything would be ok and payments would be the same etc. Well this is where the fun starts! A couple of weeks later I received my bill email, and was shocked to see my device plan payment was over £600! So I contacted 02 and after a very lengthy phone call I was informed that due to “the way it works” with iwatches that it could not be reactivated and the only way around the large bill was to set up a payment plan and my iwatch would be deactivated. So I reluctantly went ahead with the payment plan. The day before the payment was due I rang 02 to double check the amount I had to pay, and was told that no payment plan was arranged, everything was still activated and all I had to do was pay £36 and then the usual device plan payment would continue. So I payed the £36 and ended the phone call very happy. So the 15th October arrives and a device plan payment of over £500 tried to leave my bank account. There wasn’t enough in to cover it so it bounced! I have now received a letter saying that I have 5 days to pay the total amount owing or my account will be deactivated! I will be contacting 02 tomorrow and will be making a complaint once I’ve sorted it. It seems that different people in 02 are just contradicted the other with what I’ve been told. Anyone else had the same issue?
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Re: Constant problem with iwatch bill


It happens occasionally as the system thinks the contract has been terminated and if the correct details aren't ammended it will automatically generate the final bill.

Customer service should be able to correct it for you but I'll tag in @EmilieT and @Marjo too.

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Re: Constant problem with iwatch bill

Good morning @Scott4, I hope you had a nice weekend Smiley Happy


Did you make any progress on this one since you posted, or would you like some more help? I'll send you a Private Message to get a few more details in case you want us to check what we can find on our end!


Thansk for the mention @MI5 Smiley Happy

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