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Changing over to a business contract

I have been with O2 for many years and my work have said they will get me a business phone. I want to stay with O2 but my contract doesn't end till November, can my details be changed over to a business contract or will i have to cancel my contract and start over again?

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Re: Changing over to a business contract

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Your best bet is to get into contact with your account manager depending if you're being provided with a corporate phone or an additional contract under your managers name ( depending on the size of the company )

more than likely, your existing contract would be subject to cancellation fees if you were to port over that number into a new contract. This is also very dependant on how the new business contract is being made.

This migration can seem a little confusing but it all depends on the process and your agreements with work and with o2. One contact with the business team will iron out all of your enquiries. Here will be a difficult place to seek an answer as there is more information required to understand your needs. They are superb at giving you the answer.