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Changer bill

I wont to no how can i changer the bill day cuz i only get paid on 29. Thanks
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Re: Changer bill

@Ashley2 You will need to speak to customer service. Best time to call is 8-8.30 am to avoid long wait times on hold. Best to call and not use Live Chat.



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Re: Changer bill

If your bill is due before the 29th it may be too late to change it for this month. Speak to customer service to avoid restrictions on your phone

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Re: Changer bill

@Ashley2 I think that will only come into effect next month as you have to wait 6 days before the bill is produced I believe 

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Re: Changer bill

As mentioned call customer service, 202 from your o2 device.

If you get paid on 29th that means you want your billing date to be set to the 15th

How it works is:
Your billing date is 14 days before your payment date (Direct debit).

so in your case, You could see your bills on the 15th and then o2 take the money on the 29th (thats when you change ofc)

If you change it early you will experience pro-rata
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Re: Changer bill

Hi @Ashley2 welcome to our community! Smiley Happy

Please do let us know how you're getting on and if you managed to change your payment date ok in the end?

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