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Re: Carphone warehouse contacted me about upgrade

@Anonymous just to clarify, had you manually set your preferences off in the past? 

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Re: Carphone warehouse contacted me about upgrade

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Ok so I recently had very similar issues the other month and I know all my details are set to non contactable.


i put a complaint in and got a very basic and lame response,  I then followed it up with proof, screen shots and that I would go to ofcom,  I then got a very some what different response.  I was not happy and did some digging and what I found was not good, since then a full investigation is going on and I will take this matter to ofcom if the outcome isn't good.


So even if you set your contact preference to no contacts etc,  this will only apply to o2 owned shops.

third part franchises can not see the do not contact which is what's happening. 


The reason why they can't see this is because o2 can not allow there systems to be seen by all franchises, so to get round this, franchises can not see the do no contact as this would give them access to everything.


so I've was getting calls from a o2 shop, since found out that it's a franchise and not owned by o2 them selves which is why I was contacted.



so the next issue.  O2 shops if you have set to call you, first of all looks at you useage to try and recommend you the best tariff.


O2 owned shops see 6 months of History.

None O2 owned shops like franchises, see only 3 Months, so will base the information on the last 3 months only which may be totally inaccurate.


i was told I only used 6.8Gb a month.  However the first 3 months I used 19.5Gb, the last 3 months I used less, 

so I was told you can be put on a 12Gb tariff and save £1 instead of my 20Gb.


let me tell you that I've had words and even though o2 remove you of every database known to them, this will have no affect what so ever with third party franchises.


o2 are in breach by allowing this to happen,  o2 complaints are clueless and didn't understand a thing at first, blaming me,  when I went with all the evidence believe me I got a completely diffferent story and little compensation.  However I know it's still happening, so as they can't resolve or even tell me what's happening,  I don't have any other choice,  but I will wait for a reply which should be shortly.


but I hope this answers your questions,  not what you probably wanted to hear,  but thats what's happening.  

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