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Cancelling my contract

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My name is Brendan. I recently paid off my pay monthly contract with O2 for the mobile number xxxxxxxxxxxx. I have since been charged money via direct debit. I do not understand how I could've been charged money from O2 having already paid off the contract?


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Re: Cancelling my contract

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Hi @Brendan

You may well have had some extra days to pay. https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/How-to-Guides/Cancelling-Your-Contract-A-Guide/ba-p/566774

However, we have no access to your account so you should ring customer services https://www.o2.co.uk/contactus


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Re: Cancelling my contract

There is always one more bill after the end of the contract which is most likely not a full month but if it is, call to check it’s been cancelled.
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Re: Cancelling my contract

Hi @Brendan, and welcome to the forum Wave I hope the information above helped you, but please do let us know if you have any additional questions!

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Re: Cancelling my contract

A final bill should be triggered when you give notice to cancel but I would give this piece of advice to @Brendan and indeed anyone dealing with a pay monthly contract on any UK provider.


Until the final bill has been collected don't be tempted to ask your bank to cancel the DD mandate or to do it yourself via online banking.


Operators are quite happy to slap a default on your credit file if they are unable to collect the final bill via DD and it can be a nightmare to get them to reverse this.


My preferred route (which will cost you a tenner if you want to ditch the number) is to activate a PAYG sim on another network/service provider, get your PAC from the network you are leaving (don't mention the word cancel) and transfer it to the PAYG SIM.


Once the transfer goes through it'll cause the production of your final bill (provided you are outside your contract term or have paid it off).


You can then ditch the SIM (I'd recommend shredding it) or put it somewhere, it'll expire in around 180 days.