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Cancelling contract


I am after a bit of advise as my contract is ending on the 27th of Feb.

I emailed and sent a letter in December to give 02 notice I would not be renewing after the 27th of Feb.

I received a letter, an email and sms stating that the contract would end on this date.

My bill for this month is for the 2nd of Feb till 1st of March.

My question is once I have paid on the 16th of this month is it safe to cancel the DD.

I keep reading about rolling contracts but as I see it once the contract ends on the 27th and I have paid until 1st of March my obligations are over.

Thank you in advance for any replies.
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Cancelling contract

No its not safe to cancel your direct debit, because you will need to pay for any usage outside of your inclusive allowance between now and the end of your contract. So you need to wait until you get the final bill and have paid it.
No - there isn't an app for it.
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Cancelling contract

my tariff is O2 45 18 Month

I get 1200 minutes and 500 messages

I have been through all the bills I have had since starting the contract and the longest I have ever used it in a month is for 19 minutes. I can't see me going over the usage as it is never on or used.
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Cancelling contract

a qwick qwestion i do not intend to leave 02

but if i did do i have to write a letter or can u just email ?
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